The Honeymoon’s Over…

…or so I thought.  Matthew got in the van after school today with a face on that would stop a clock.  Here we go, I thought.  Reality has set in.  School is school, regardless of where he is.  He informed me he had a science test tomorrow and he was totally ticked because it was going to interfere with his evening plans.  Not to mention that it was everyone else’s fault that he has to study tonight because if he had known about it last week he could have been studying all along, don’t ya know.  Yeah, right.  Imagine.  After much griping, complaining, and eye rolling we sat at the table to begin studying.   I tried to talk to him about accepting responsibility and owning up to his own tasks.  Right now, he is in school and nothing takes priority over his school work.  I explained that he could start studying a little bit every night so he wouldn’t have anyone to blame for not telling him until the night before there was a test.  You can just imagine the attitude I got for that.  Seems like Matt wanted to get snarky.  He was getting snarky with the wrong one tonight.

I opened his binder and started flipping through his science work to brief myself on what we would be studying.  I can’t explain how it felt to open his work and flip through the pages.  There were 6 pages of notes that he took entirely independently.  His printing was legible and his work was neater than I have ever seen since he began school.

I’m going to brag and share a couple of pics…

I have never been so proud!  Again, something so simple as copying notes from the board has always been a huge undertaking for Matthew, something that many take for granted.  His penmanship remained consistent throughout the pages and perhaps most important, he stuck with it and didn’t give up.  He was proud of his work and was eager to show it to me.

Best of all was that this set the tone for our study session.  Matthew was much more familiar with the material than he gave himself credit for.  We breezed through most of it in no time.

What a joy.  Our homework session ended on a much happier note than it started.   Happy Mom and Happy Matt.  Couldn’t ask for much more than that.  Now for tomorrow. Fingers crossed that he doesn’t become too anxious like he tends to when he hears the word test.

Until next time…

About angeloftheisland

Welcome to An Angel’s Island. I’m Tracey (aka angeloftheisland). I’m also Mom to 19 year old Matthew who constantly keeps me on my toes. He’s our “special” boy who shows us daily how he deals with the world of ADHD, a Nonverbal Learning Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. He’s my hero. Marcus is 8 and reminds me everyday that he’s in no way going to make the school years boring for his Dad and me!! I’m also wife to Mike for 25 years now. Mike is my best friend and soul-mate and he has showed me over the years, that yes – dreams do come true. Our life may not be the most exciting but there’s always something going on. Welcome to our Happy Place, newly renamed Hilliard's Happy Hideaway. I hope you enjoy what I’ve shared about our family.
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4 Responses to The Honeymoon’s Over…

  1. njsullivan says:

    what an incredible experience you have with matthew… he’s lucky to have you, and you are lucky to be blessed with the ability to see all the positive progress he is making. how nice to have a bad study moment turn out to be one full of pride. xo


    • angeloftheisland says:

      Thanks, Nikki. I was frustrated going into it because I was drawing on past experiences and recalling the confusion and mayhem of his work. When I opened his notes the joy I felt chased all the apprehension away.


      • njsullivan says:

        isn’t it amazing when we’re reminded to not always think of the past when doing something that’s been frustrating before?

        i think the universe was reminding me the progress that’s been made, that you’re on the right path, and that you are an amazing mother for this wonderful young man who’s learning in a world who doesn’t always understand the way to teach him.


      • angeloftheisland says:

        So true 🙂 xo


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