Thanks to everyone for reading yesterday’s post.  For those of you who have messaged, this one’s for you 😉

Matthew ended up spending a second night camping.  It was the first thing he asked yesterday when he called me.  “Can I please, please, please, please, please stay again tonight?”   

I really had to think about it, and this is why:  there’s a very fine line between something being a success or a disaster.  The first night went great; he had a fantastic time.  Add on to that another whole day of working, not really getting a chance to chill out, the weather changing to overcast and drizzle, mood changes in general and him getting tired.  I wanted to wait to see what his mood was like later in the day, then I would decide.  If he was getting too tired or not eating right his mood could change in an instant.  I didn’t want him to spend a second night out there only to end up regretting the whole thing.  The first night was awesome and I didn’t want to chance having all the good be undone by pushing it.  It may sound ridiculous.  Unless you have traveled our road or one similar you may not understand and really there is no way for me to adequately explain it.  Suffice it to say that all the deliberation and agony that I struggled with yesterday afternoon was to make sure this all ended positively for him.  Whether he stayed for one night or ten, I really didn’t care.  All that concerned me was that such a big accomplishment ended with him having a smile on his face.  Noting else mattered.  

Before Mike went to work, Matt called again.  After Mike talked with him he felt that he was still in a good space.  He really felt Matt would be fine.  So off I went with a few things he’d need for his second night camping out.

He was so full of enthusiasm when I arrived.  He was excited, happy and thrilled to be staying.  He couldn’t get back to it quick enough.

By early this afternoon, he was ready.  He was home after a very big weekend.  As much as I wanted to bombard him with a million questions, I knew better.  He’s never been one to like being grilled.  He certainly didn’t take after his mother that way 😉  I’d have no problem wanting to share every detail of every little thing I did with anyone who cared to listen.  But I have to respect that he’s not like me in that way.  He did share a couple of stories and I suspect over the course of the next few weeks we’ll hear more as he sees fit.  But you know what, that’s ok.  As much as I’d love to hear everything he did I know as much as I need to.  The fact that he made it through two nights on his own camping with his peers tells me more than any story he could ever share.  What he’s not telling us is saying more.  I don’t need to know.  He is 17 of course, and he did just spend the entire weekend with his friends.  I need to say that again.

Our 17 year old son just spent the entire weekend camping with his friends!!!!!!

As much as he enjoyed it and as many wonderful memories as he made this weekend, we enjoyed it for him just as much.  I couldn’t be more proud of him.  What an incredible way for him to put the wraps on an awesome summer.

This is one of those topics that I never thought I’d be writing about.  While we have seen Matthew conquer many obstacles and enjoy so many successes over the last couple of years, I can honestly say that I never thought we’d get to the point that saw him spend a weekend away with his friends ~ not just yet, anyway.  He continues to prove to us that when the time is right nothing can stand in his way.

And for anyone out there reading who has a child that may take their good ol’ time doing things, take it from a Mom who knows:  never say never.

Until next time…

About angeloftheisland

Welcome to An Angel’s Island. I’m Tracey (aka angeloftheisland). I’m also Mom to 19 year old Matthew who constantly keeps me on my toes. He’s our “special” boy who shows us daily how he deals with the world of ADHD, a Nonverbal Learning Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. He’s my hero. Marcus is 8 and reminds me everyday that he’s in no way going to make the school years boring for his Dad and me!! I’m also wife to Mike for 25 years now. Mike is my best friend and soul-mate and he has showed me over the years, that yes – dreams do come true. Our life may not be the most exciting but there’s always something going on. Welcome to our Happy Place, newly renamed Hilliard's Happy Hideaway. I hope you enjoy what I’ve shared about our family.
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