I Just Don’t Get It

Totally off topic for me….

How can people hurt other people as easily as they do?  I have to be round-about with this blog and I can’t provide a lot of detail, but I have to vent.

It absolutely amazes me how someone can be so mean and so malicious to another person.  Or how some people can be so cruel to other people.

Isn’t life hard enough most days?  Do we really need to go around complicating it?

I’m going on two separate trains of thought right now.  The first one focuses on younger couples (and please know that this is in general – I am in no way, shape or form judging or passing judgment – but simply stating facts that I have seen with my own eyes).  Do younger couples not realize what it means to “work” at something?  More specifically their relationship – their marriage??  I am not perfect by any means and I haven’t lived life through Rose Coloured Glasses either.  I’ve been married since I’ve been 20 years old and let me tell you, the first 10 of those 20 years were probably the crappiest (in terms of financial stability) 10 years of my entire life.  There were many times that Mike and I could have looked at each other and said “enough”, but we didn’t.  When we took those vows to love, honor and cherish each other they MEANT SOMETHING.  It didn’t mean when the going got tough we take off and throw everything down the toilet.  We struggled, we fought, we yelled, we cried, we borrowed, we begged, but you know what?  We survived.  No one said it would be a picnic nor did anyone tell us exactly how hard it would be, but we both knew that this marriage was something we were in together and no matter how hard it would be we had to work through it side-by side.

It just appears to me that in this day and age it’s too easy to get out of a relationship “just because”.   The word “commitment”  means absolutely nothing.  Now don’t get me wrong – there are definitely times when relationships don’t work out for whatever reason and of course there are reasons that certain relationships have to end and sometimes people really struggle with leaving those relationships (when it should be clear – for safety reasons).  That’s not what I’m talking about here.  I’m talking about day-to-day struggles.  I’m talking about “life”.  When a couple can’t get through those typical “bumps in the road” it makes me wonder what’s in store and how a major catastrophe would be handled.

I don’t know if it makes me feel bad that some couples today don’t know how to work through things and let their relationships get stronger because of having to go through difficulties or if it makes me happy because Mike and I have been able to (so far, anyway) work as a team and conquer the hard times.  Maybe a little bit of both.

And now for my second train of thought.  Why do some people feel they have the right to maliciously attack another person?  Bullying is a topic that is near and dear to my heart as I was a bullied child who hated everyday of my later elementary school and junior high school days.  In the last little while I have seen a couple of instances where “adults” (and I am using that term very loosely) have been bullying other adults.  WHAT!!!???  Really.  This just flabbergasts me.  The bullying has been done underhandedly and cowardly (not face-to-face).  Cyber-bullying does not just happen with our kids.  It’s also alive and well between adults as well.  This is ridiculous!!   Grown people who should “know better” are stooping to levels so low to try and demean others that it seriously repulses me.  Are there really people that insecure with their lives that they have to resort to trying to intimidate others who are more secure?  What I want to do is reply to these people and scream “Grow up!!!” but that would be validating them – and that’s the last thing you want to do to a bully.  A bully can only hurt you (with words) if you choose to let them.  Sometimes it’s very difficult (especially for adolescents) to take the high road and choose not to let the bullies “win”.  A bully can shake your world.  But a bully can also get tired pretty quickly when s/he is not being acknowledged.

In this crazy world today there is so much going on and so much to contend with I often wonder why some people go looking for issues.  Why is it that some people never appear to be happy?  I guess I just have a hard time wrapping my head around it.  I have enough going on.  I really don’t need to go looking for conflict or crap.

I know this was kind of all over the place but I had to try to get it out there the best way I could.  I’m not silly enough to believe that we can all live in united harmony.  That’ll never happen, but for crying out loud, we don’t need to “create drama” just because.  Enjoy the fact that life is going along ok and if it’s not, try to do everything in your power to improve it.  Work at relationships, don’t be too quick to throw in the towel.  And “play nice” in day-to-day relations with others.

Like I said, life is hard enough.  Don’t go looking for issues when there are none – and don’t go making any issues when there shouldn’t be any.

OK, I’m done.

Until next time…

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Welcome to An Angel’s Island. I’m Tracey (aka angeloftheisland). I’m also Mom to 19 year old Matthew who constantly keeps me on my toes. He’s our “special” boy who shows us daily how he deals with the world of ADHD, a Nonverbal Learning Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. He’s my hero. Marcus is 8 and reminds me everyday that he’s in no way going to make the school years boring for his Dad and me!! I’m also wife to Mike for 25 years now. Mike is my best friend and soul-mate and he has showed me over the years, that yes – dreams do come true. Our life may not be the most exciting but there’s always something going on. Welcome to our Happy Place, newly renamed Hilliard's Happy Hideaway. I hope you enjoy what I’ve shared about our family.
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1 Response to I Just Don’t Get It

  1. momof6 says:

    You are so right! Marriage or any realationship for that matter does seem to be taken very lightly these days. As for cyber bulling I haven’t actually encountered it or seen it but I am sure it is there. You are so right though… get over it people and enjoy life to it’s fullest – do not take things for granted and enjoy and embrace what you have – not what you wish you had.
    Take care


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